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Contented PDF makes it possible for your site users to select content from your site to be compiled into a custom pdf document that they can download. This allows users to make use of your site content in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way, reducing waste and giving your users better access to what interests them. Users add the items as they read by clicking on links shown within the article. The list of items are displayed in a module as they browse the site. When they are done, users click on the module to view the details. From here they can remove or re-order items and finally click to produce their custom PDF.

Try it

  • You'll notice that most of the content on this site (including this article) has an 'Add to PDF Document' link . By clicking on this, you'll notice that the item appears in the basket module on the right. You can continue to browse the site adding content and then finally clicking on the 'View PDF Basket' link on the module to see the basket. Here you can re-arrange and remove items before finally clicking on the link to produce the PDF report. The module, basket and final report reflect the settings chosen for this site., This suite of extensions is HIGHLY configurable!

Installation instructions

  • Download pkg_contented_pdf and install it using the Joomla extension installer
  • The component, plugin and module will all be installed with default settings.
  • Go to your Module Manager and publish the Contented PDF module in the appropriate position and pages (Recommended on all pages that have your K2 or Joomla content)
  • Enable the Contented PDF plugin in your plugin manager
  • Contented PDF should work on your site without any further set-up (for both com_content and K2 items). If your basket screen is missing content, please go to the component configuration, save the settings as they are and then refresh your basket.

Configuring the plugin

  • Go to Extensions->Plugins and search for 'Contented'. By selecting the plgun you can change the way it appears on your site:
    • Change the link text that will be displayed to users to invite them to add it to their report basket
    • Rather than using a text link, you can upload an image to be used as a button. This may suit your design scheme better than a plain old text link.
    • Choose whether to show links in article, category or blog views (K2 and com_content)
    • Choose to show the text under the article title, at the bottom of the article or both
    • Choose to exclude com_content and K2 categories from displaying links by entering a comma-separated list of ids

Configuring the module

  • Go to Extensions->Modules and find your mod_contented_pdf module. As well as the usual configuration options, you can:

Configuring the component

  • By going to Components->Contented PDF, you'll be shown the welcome screen. By selecting 'Preferences', you can customize many aspects of this component

Basic options

  • Choose to use the component with K2 items, Joomla! articles or both. The login and modules both comply with this setting, so choosing 'K2 only' will prevent the plugin displaying in Joomla articles

Basket options

These options affect the appearance and functionality of the report basket viewed prior to the report being generated

  • Choose the basket title (Header)
  • Choose to show or hide article category
  • Choose alignment of print link
  • Change the text of the print link
  • Change the text of the 'Remove' link and confirmation message
  • Change the text of the 'Return to article' link
  • Show/hide article images (if items have images)
  • Show/hide reordering
  • Set the width of the images
  • Set the length of article preview text
  • Show/hide easyread link

Report options

These options affect the PDF report generated by the component

  • Add cover page to all reports. This can be set as a K2 or Joomla item
  • Show/hide article images and the width of images
  • Choose the default font family and font size (Article formatting may override this)
  • Choose whether to include a page break between each item in the report. If you choose 'No', the next item will continue underneath on the same page where there is room
  • Choose whether to include page numbers on your report, and their alignment
  • Choose file name and whether to add date to title of generated report
  • Set the images to be used as headers and footers and their size


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