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Recently updated to 1.0.2- with url parameter bugs fixed. Update available from downloads area- just install over the top!

This plug-in allows you to show/hide content based on the group of the user. If you have content that you only want certain groups to have access to, then wrap it in {accessText} tags. Users who don't have access to the content will be presented with a link. This link can be used to take the user to the registration form or any other item.

This is useful to control access to special information, links and as more fine-tuned approach to control access to parts of your content items.

It works for com_content and K2 content.

  • Link text is customisable
  • Access groups selectable: apply to everyone, registered users or even admins
  • Link type can be
    • User registration form
    • Community Builder registration form
    • Content item
    • K2 item
    • Menu item
    • No link at all (just text- or no text)


The possible uses for this plug-in are many:

  • Hiding parts of your content from non-registered users
  • Inserting menu or login links into articles
  • Hiding download links from non-registered users

How to use

  1. Install the plugin through the joomla extension manager in the usual way
  2. Go to Extensions->Plugin Manager and find 'Contented AccessText
  3. Set the link text, link type and access group you want and save. Any users who are not in this group will be shown the plug-in content
  4. In your article or K2 item insert {accessText} and {/accessText} tags around the content you want restricted. If you don't want to hide ant content, but use the plugin to present a link, then these tags can be placed together as so {accessText}Watch this on-demand session{/accessText} without any content. Save.
  5. You're done. Depending on the user group of the reader, the link will either show the text inside the tags (if they meet the user group requirements) or the link set up in the plugin parameters.



If you discover that the plugin isn't working, or that the { accessText } tags are being displayed when the page is rendered (after making sure the plugin is enabled!), toggle the editor in the article and clean up any unwanted formatting. Sometimes the editor adds styling that interferes with the functionality of the plugin.


I'd be very interested in hearing whether this plugin is meeting the requirements of downloaders. If you could spare the time to let me know how you're using it and how it could be improved, I'd love to hear from you. It did occur to me that having only one link text and link type options makes things limited. For instance, if you wanted to use this plugin in places to link to the registration form and in other places link to a contact form, that wouldn't currently be possible. Similarly there is only the one link text possible (set in the plugin params). I was wondering if these defaults could be overridden with instance parameters whether this would be something you could use.

eg. { accessText text='Contact us for a download key' type='default' } and {accessText text='Register to download' type='jregister' }

Additional Info

  • Extension name: Contented AccessText
  • Compatibility: Joomla 1.6/1.7, Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0
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  • Comment Link Avi Wednesday, 15 May 2013 19:02 posted by Avi

    looks like after testing it live it works now!! Great!
    I wanted to ask if I can add some css to it and if yes where, so far I can see that it has only one php file,
    Andy: You want to style the link? If you add a class tag to the link thats created in the php file then you can add the relevent styles to your template css (or inline in the php file if you prefer). I never thought styling was much of an issue with these types of plugins. Next version I'll add a class, and people can use it or not as they wish. Thanks for your (now more positive!) input.

  • Comment Link Avi Sunday, 12 May 2013 17:20 posted by Avi

    Hi,sorry to say but it does not work: the {accessText} {/accessText} shows up on my K2 article.all setting are OK
    Andy Hi, many people use this plugin successfully, but there are issue with certain configurations and content types that have been causing issues. It DOES work, but not in every situation. If you provide more details in the forum I'll try to address the issue you're having.

  • Comment Link advark Tuesday, 07 May 2013 07:03 posted by advark

    Does not work!
    Wastage of time..
    Andy.: Thank you for your constructive criticism. The plug-in clearly does work, as I have it working on this site and many others have downloaded it and are happy. However, it isn't perfect, and there have been some issues with certain site configurations and content types. I would be pleased to help diagnose this issue, or perhaps you'd like me to refund all of the money you paid for it?

  • Comment Link Meah Monday, 22 April 2013 07:05 posted by Meah

    In the plugin settings, I tried putting in a group name under Authorized Author Group.

    Non-members cannot see the content, but they cannot create new articles either, unless I put them in the one I set as Authorized Author Group.

    What can I do?

    Andy: I don't really understand what you need. Please provide a detailed description in the forum and we'll try to find a solution for you.

  • Comment Link mytd Monday, 08 April 2013 21:25 posted by mytd

    it doesn't work on my K2 item. the {accessText} {/accessText} shows up on my article and i did make sure that the plug in is published. Andy: There are instructions on the accesstext main page about things to try if this happens. Let me know if the problem isn't resolved

  • Comment Link yaZva Friday, 05 April 2013 17:18 posted by yaZva

    Cannot install it on Joomla 3.0.3
    Installer give me message:
    JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find Joomla XML setup file
    Andy: I've fixed this now. V3 is strict about having tags and not . My bad on this one!

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