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The contented range of extensions seek to extend the excellent content management facilities offered by Joomla's core content system and by K2 CCK. Contented is all about handing control of content back to your site users.

Some of the planned facilities are:

  • Contented PDF- Allowing your users to pick and choose the content they want and creating a customised PDF report
  • Providing an interface for users to select the content, authors and tags they are interested in, and be delivered a blog-style page that is tailored to them
  • Providing an alphabetical index allowing users to browse content by title rather than the structure dictated by admin.
  • With the user's consent, tracking their reading habits so that the system can learn more about what they really like to read (Not just what they say they like). Users can view their site use statistics and gain insight into how they are spending their time on your site.
  • From the data collected by the trackers, provide site admins with statistics about what their users are reading in order to better shape content in the future. Information that goes far beyond what other analytics tools provide, showing trends in tags, time online, author popularity and much more.

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Following is the proposed timeline for the release of extensions

1st April- Data Download V2 (free)

1st- May- Contented Alphabetter (Subscribers-only)

1st June- Contented Users (Subscribers-only)

1st July- Contented PDF V2 (Subscribers-only)


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